Seattle Restaurant Week: Juno

24 Nov
Seattle Revealed - Seattle Restaurant Week October 2010

My First Seattle Restaurant Week!


These days, people seem to take tremendous pride in their frugal ways. Terms such as “recession chic” are thrown around with reckless abandon. Well I am here to tell you that despite the rough economic climate we’re in now, a good deal has always been a Good Deal! Case in point – Seattle Restaurant Week. I first heard about SRW about 2 years ago but for the life of me cannot figure out why it took me that long to experience it myself. If you haven’t heard of it, SRW is a “dining celebration” that features over 100 top restaurants in the Seattle metro area and Eastside all of whom offer a 3 course dinner menu for only $25 (some places also offer a 3 course lunch for only $15!).

Entrance to Juno on 3rd Ave.

Since this was my very first SRW, it was crucial that I tried a restaurant I’d never been to before. I guess I kind of felt like I would be cheating if I went to a place I’d already visited or even worse, one of my favorite haunts (similar to how this writer felt about using his Groupons at his fav spots). With over 100 restaurants to choose from you would think it would be difficult to make a decision but it wasn’t really that bad considering I don’t eat beef or pork (there goes about half the list), I couldn’t select a place I’d already been to (there goes another 3rd) and I had to find a place that still had open reservations (SRW is VERY popular! Make your reservations early). Even though my requirements were pretty limiting, I finally chose Juno and boy am I’m glad I did. Juno is located in the Artic Club Hotel on the corner of 3rd Ave. and Cherry St. in downtown Seattle. I’d definitely suggest finding a parking lot nearby because street parking is tough to find and cars aren’t allowed on 3rd at certain parts of the day so it can be downright confusing driving around down there.

Seattle Revealed - Juno's Bar

Juno's Bar Area

I am no “foodie” so I won’t bore you with lackluster details about my dining experience but I will say it was delicious. My favorites were the the Blood Orange Martini (don’t judge me) and the Gambas Al Aijllo (Garlic Shrimp). The ambiance inside of Juno has a very sexy vibe. Most of the restaurant is dimly lit which makes for a nice romantic dinner but then the bar area is a bit brighter with its yellowish backlighting. It’s definitely channeling Sex and the City but only in the best sense of the movie title. The final thing I’d like to note about Juno is that it has both a street entrance and one inside of the hotel lobby. This may seem like a minor detail but its importance was not lost on me. There is just something odd about walking into a hotel that where you’re not staying, wandering around like a lost puppy just to find the restaurant or bar. Thank you to Juno for not being one of those places.

Although Seattle Restaurant Week won’t be back until the spring of 2011, you can still catch some great deals through Dine Around Seattle through the end of the month (11/30 is the last day!). Got cabin fever? Tired of Thanksgiving leftovers? Like to eat out? Then check out Dine Around Seattle before it’s over. You’ll thank me later.

Rated: Cool, Sexy

Reminds me of: Sex and the City Theme Song

Great For: Sexy Singles, Date Night

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