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Music & Culture Connoisseur

Three words that describe me best | Curious. Opinionated. Loyal.

Local weakness | The “Best Burger in Town” alongside an Elderflower & Cucumber Martini at Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Secret obsession | Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. Yea, I said it.

Why Seattle Revealed?
Seattle is a city of drivers. Admittedly, I’m one of them. In college, I drove blocks away to get dinner, down the street to workout, around the corner for groceries or across town to meet friends. Probably coulda walked most places — but I didn’t. I started my career and happened to live blocks away from my job, the only reason I didn’t drive: parking sucked. When I moved close to the downtown core, my love for water inspired me to take an occasional waterfront stroll, only when the weather was nice of course. Every.single.time. I’d find fabulous places that were clearly missed when I was behind the wheel. That’s when it hit me, finding the gems of Seattle took way too much work. Since I was doing the work for myself, I figured I’d share the love. Because you know, sharing is caring…and all that good stuff. Hope it’s useful!

  • Super Bowl or OscarsSuper Bowl
  • Beer or wineWine, Malbec por favor
  • Chocolate or vanillaSexy chocolate…oh wait, are we talkin bout Ice Cream? Yea, still chocolate.
  • Cook or dine outCook, it makes my heart happy
  • Club or BarClub, dirty rap music required
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joes – TJ’s all the way
  • Opening Act or headlinerOpening Act
  • Play or musicalMusical
  • Boxers or briefsBoxer Briefs
  • High heels or flatsHeels, 3.5 inches +

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Food & Freebie Fanatic

Three words that describe you best | Practical. Easy going. Efficient.

Local weakness | Old Fashioned Donut from Top Pot

Secret obsession | Celebrity gossip sites

Why Seattle Revealed?
Because I like to know what’s going on in my city.

  • Super Bowl or Oscars – Both!
  • Beer or Wine –  Wine
  • Chocolate or Vanilla– Vanilla
  • Cook or Dine Out– Dine out
  • Club or Bar– Club
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joes – Whole Foods
  • Opening act or Headliner– Headliner
  • Play or Musical– Musical
  • Boxers or Briefs– Boxers
  • High heels or Flats– Flats

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Events & Fashion Follower

Three word that describe you best | Simple. Honest. Consistent.

Local weakness | A Milky Way espresso drink from B&O Espresso. Pure bliss in a cup.

Secret obsession | Purchasing cards at local shops prior to actually having an occasion for them. I have a dedicated drawer in my apartment full of anniversary, birthday and get well cards.

Why Seattle Revealed? 
I believe communication is the key to life. Seattle Revealed is a communication tool that can help introduce people to the city and encourage Seattleites to fall in love with their home.

  • Super Bowl or Oscars – Oscars, although these days I should probably be saying Super Bowl
  • Beer or wine – Beer
  • Chocolate or vanilla – Swirl
  • Cook or dine out – Depends on the day, but I almost always dine out
  • Club or Bar – Club
  • Trader Joes or Whole Foods – Whole Foods
  • Opening Act or headliner – Headliner
  • Play or musical — Play
  • Boxers or briefs – Boxer Briefs
  • High heels or flats –Heels are preferred, but the older I get, the more flats I find in my closet

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Photograpy Ninja

Three word that describe you best | Hilarious. Genuine. Chill.

Local weakness Red Velvet Cupcakes from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

Secret obsession | Kale and HGTV

Why Seattle Revealed?
I truly love my City. I want others to see why.

  • Super Bowl or Oscarsboth, but if someone forced me Super Bowl, definitely.
  • Beer or wine –  Wine
  • Chocolate or vanilla –  Vanilla
  • Cook or dine out –  dine out
  • Club or Bar –  In Seattle, Bar
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joes – Trader Joes (open one in South Seattle pretty please)
  • Opening Act or headliner – Both
  • Play or musicalMusical, don’t judge.
  • Boxers or briefs –  Boxers
  • High heels or flatsboth, typically flats though cause I’m a giant in heels

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Chief Meatatarian

Three words that describe me best | Cool. Calm. Collected.

Local Weakness | There are soooo many its difficult to choose. I love Italian food/pizza so I have to go with a 4-Way tie between Il Bistro, Assaggio, Il Terrazzo Carmine and Ristorante Machiavelli for Italian food. Lastly, for pizza Delancy in Ballard has bacon pizza enough said…

Secret Obsession | It’s some girly TV shows like Gossip Girls to name one…lol don’t judge me. It’s a good thing I comfortable with my manhood to put this out there.

Why Seattle Revealed?
I love the 206. Im a very local boy and proud of it. People ask me for places to go in Seattle all the time, this will make it easy to share my favorite places around here with the world.

  • Super Bowl or Oscars – The Superbowl duh!
  • Beer or Wine – Wine unless its Manny’s or Dos Equis
  • Chocolate or Vanilla – Vanilla
  • Cook or Dine out – dining out is me cooking
  • Club or Bar – Both. I like to mix it up
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joes – Trader Joes is the BEST
  • Opening Act or headliner – Definitely Headliner
  • Play or musical – Whatever Wicked is, that is what I like better
  • Boxers or briefs – Boxer Briefs or Boxers
  • High heels or flats – Heels. I don’t how ladies walk in them, but, they do look good

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Designer, sometimes contributor, may I say… Seattle Revealed’s Equatorial Enthusiast 

Three words that describe me best | A little odd.

Local Weakness | A lengua torta at Rancho Bravo, after 2am.

Secret Obsession | A good cigar in the evening, not sure if its really an obsession, but it WAS a secret.

Why Seattle Revealed?
Because I’ve been here for 7 years and every time I meet new people I discover a new Seattle, don’t get stuck in a Seattle rut, keep exploring!

  • Super Bowl or Oscars – Oscars
  • Beer or Wine – Beer, I am from Portland
  • Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate
  • Cook or Dine out – Cook, it’s therapeutic
  • Club or Bar – Bar, with a good DJ and a small dance floor
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joes – Trader Joes
  • Opening Act or headliner – Opening Act
  • Play or musical – I’m a real sucker for a good musical
  • Boxers or briefs – Boxer Briefs
  • High heels or flats – Flats, I like to enjoy my night

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