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Ever Had a Dance Party in The Woods?

24 May

Dance party at Grim’s on Floor 3 @danceinthewoods

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You know it was a good night when you close the place down, the giggles spill out into the street, and the bootleg paparazzi are still trying to capture the Kodak moment. I can’t say that’s what I planned for when I left the house for a dinner party on Friday, but that’s certainly how it went…and I loved (almost) every minute of it.

Mentally preparing to “man up”

Last Friday, just as I was heading into Xscape mode — kick off my shoes and relax my feet – everyone around me was getting their drink on second wind. In my delirium, I hear “no, that salsa place is closed. How about…” admittedly, I closed my eyes real tight as if to avoid the monster under my bed that goes away when I can’t see him. Unfortunately, I’m an adult and it doesn’t work that way. I opened my eyes and knew I had to mentally prepare myself for a night on the town. First thought: “Thank God I wore this today.” Second thought: “So glad I just got my hair done!” If I feel good about the hair and the fit, I can always get my mind right – even if it requires a running start.

Dance Party in The Woods

Girls’ night out

I overheard “Oh yea, you’ll like Grim’s” and I look over at my friend who is wide-eyed and smiley, and I immediately  turned my internal frown upside down. In truth, the hill -Capitol Hill- is far from my go-to guy. Parking nightmares and cover charges give me hives, but Grim’s has a special place in my heart and and inspires me to chock it up. Background story, my first time a Grim’s was for a close friend who held a private going away party on the 2nd floor Butterfly Room. I love him, but some of his female friends are dumb as rocks and I can only take so much. When I ventured upstairs to take a break from the groupies young ladies with high-pitched voices, I found myself in The Woods and didn’t come back down until the party was over! The DJ was dope! So good, I didn’t really care that only 1 of 3 people around me could find the beat. Honestly, it’s the type of place you can has so much fun NO ONE ELSE around you matters. And on this girls’ night, like any other at Grim’s, the 80’s and 90’s music transported me to another place and all I had no choice but to let my feet, arms and dance face take over. It made me forget about the annoying line outside. Forget about how hot it was inside. Forget that I was soooo ready for a nap only 60 minutes ago.

Keep the party goin

You can’t really go wrong with cocktails in a mason jar and Michael Jackson, Adina Howard or DJ Quick playin on the 1’s and 2’s #justsayin. Yes, we had out lil sista circle of dancing ladies, but there were plenty of couples enjoying themselves as well as dudes clearly on a prowl mission guy’s night out. One of the best things about Grim’s is that if you have a mixed group of friends, everyone can have fun here – there’s 1st floor bar with cafeteria style seating for the rhythmically challenged or those with sore feet, the 2nd floor is pretty chill (it’s too snug to be anything else) and the 3rd floor is where the real party is at if you like you shake it fast – or slow I suppose, but that’s just extra IMO. The potential parking madness, line to get in and $5 cover to get up to The Woods is totally worth it, and I’m high maintenance selective.

We had an awesome time, found a spot to dance near the fans, and partied until they turned on the lights. Laughter and snapshots spilled into the streets and we had some fun reunions on the way to the car. Friends from college, random break dancers. All good stuff. Turns out the Capitol Hill isn’t just for hipsters. Who knew?

Break dancers don’t need a dance floor

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