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Citrus: Hot new lounge hits South Lake Union

4 Aug

The main bar at Citrus

When I hear the word lounge, images of a small, intimate space with plush chairs and couches fill my head. I also imagine that the space is very contemporary, urban, and hip thus drawing a crowd with these same characteristics. This is precisely was what I envisioned for Citrus, one of South Lake Union’s newest restaurants  so I set out on a Saturday night with my friend to see if I was right. Citrus is located on South Lake Union in between Joey’s and BluWater Bistro so if you’re at all familiar with this area you know that parking can be a pain (or the luckiest day of your life short of winning the lotto if you happen to snag one of the few “free after 6pm” spots ). Instead of driving in circles waiting for someone to vacate a free spot, I just parked in the lot next to the restaurant which set me back about $3 for 2 hours. When we approached the entrance, it was clear that things were going to be lively inside by the large group of well dressed men and women standing out front chit chatting away and the music bumpin’ from just inside the door.

When we got in, I was immediately struck by the awesome water feature located behind the front desk. It sort of reminded me of a wide yet narrow fish tank where the fish are replaced by millions of tiny, mesmerizing bubbles. There is another identical “wall of water” about 50 or so feet away that serves to define the middle area of the restaurant which is an elevated seating area. This is also where the DJ was stationed for the night (there is no dance floor per se but that didn’t stop anyone from bustin’ a move). Over on the left side of the restaurant was a more traditional seating area with booths along the wall and down the center of the section. There’s also a small bar towards the back as well as another seating area with leather couches, chairs and even a fireplace. At the very back of the restaurant is the entrance to the outdoor patio that faces Lake Union. That side looked pretty full so we busted a roger (aka made a right turn) over to the main bar area. Thank goodness we did because this is where it was going down! First off, this bar had almost everything for everyone. In regards to seating, there were seats at the bar as well as bar height tables. In the drink department, you can get beer, hard alcohol, or even blended drinks such as daiquiris or margaritas made to order quickly (those bartenders are fast!). Personally, the best discovery of the night was that happy hour is 4pm-6pm and 10pm-close, Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. Most happy hour dishes are a reasonable $5 or $6 dollars so we went ahead and ordered the chicken skewers and calamari which were both tasty.

Citrus was definitely a welcome respite from the Seattle club (or restaurant by day, club by night) scene. I liked the fact that they featured different seating zones, reverse happy hour, and an in house DJ. I was able to eat, drink, dance and people watch all in one place! Even though they’ve only been open a few weeks, Citrus is quickly becoming the go-to spot in South Lake Union so hurry on over there and check it out for yourself.

Have you been to Citrus? Let us know in the comments!

Calamari from the happy hour menu

Rated: Sexy | Cool

Great for: Ladies Night, Guys Night, Happy Hour

Reminds me of: Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It

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