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Soul Singer Allen Stone Announces Seattle Concert

22 Nov

Tickets will sell out, get em now

Seattle's Allen Stone stole the show at CityArts Fest 2011

 If this was the Marvin Gaye days, ladies, we’d have thrown our panties on the stage…yes, he’s that good.
Rating | Crazy-Sexy-Cool
Revealed | A new soul experience with an old school sound
Reminds me of | The feeling I get from The Sing-Off or this epic cover of James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World

An on-air, in-studio performance on Seattle’s KUOW radio was more than enough inspiration to harness my inner stalker researcher and dig up info about an unfamiliar voice that soothed my ears and went straight to my soul. His name was Allen Stone. When I didn’t find future tour dates listed online, I went to the next best resource – Facebook.

“Hey Allen, just heard you on NPR. You’re dope. When’s your next show?!?” and whaddya know, he wrote me back. “I’m performing at CityArts…” I hate love social media sometimes. Sometimes.

My plan was to get tickets as soon as they went on sale. As usual, life and that pesky thing called work got in the way. With a week or two left until the show, I was making a stop at the Triple Door to go buy tickets – only to have my dreams crushed by a tweet “@SeattleRevealed Yup, sorry. The rumor is true, tickets are  sold out.” F! I spent about 5 minutes being depressed and then went into beast mode. Skipping all the meticulous details, I learned that he was doing an impromptu show at Far4, singing in a Stevie Wonder Tribute and performing as the musical guest on King5’s New Day Northwest. I struck out with the first two but you betta believe I was in the front row for New Day Northwest with my biggest groupie grin #1fan level of enthusiasm.

This young brotha, a mere 24 years old, had the entire audience enthralled by his performance. The Gen-Yers in the audience by far weren’t the only ones ready for an encore. In fact, almost as much as he impressed Conan O’Brien, he wow-ed a 70 year old couple who told him after the show that “they know music and [he] was really good.”

So, bummed as I was that Allen’s CityArts Fest Thursday performance was sold out, I was pretty damn happy about my up-close and personal in-studio performance. Icing on the cake? The Friday night headliner for CityArts Fest bailed (wah) and Allen came in and saved the day. He filled the main floor and most of the second floor at Nuemos – with ~6 hours’ notice. I even had enough time to cancel shift my dinner plans and bring my crew. The show was everything a show should be, energizing, soul-touching and thought-provoking. In a word: dope. In lieu of panty throwing, we waved our arms, jumped up and down and screamed for an encore. Don’t let the granny sweater and the Shaun White hair fool ya, Allen Stone has a captivating voice that will stop you in your tracks and subsequently give you chills.

Clearly, my friends and I had a fabulous time and quite frankly we got lucky that there was less than one day notice about the Friday show because I have no doubt the tickets would have sold out. I’m sharing this long-winded story to convey that HIS JANUARY SHOW WILL SELL OUT, he announced it last week and last I checked the tickets we half gone. He’s the real deal…if you don’t wanna take my word for it, perhaps The New York Times, NPR, Billboard, okayplayer, MTV, The Washington Post, and CNN have some insights you’d find valuable.

Remarkably still unsigned, Allen has been compared to vocal stylings of  Stevie Wonder, the sultry falsetto of a pre-“Evolution” Robin Thicke, and the southern soul of Anthony Hamilton (a personal favorite of mine). Here are my favorites song so far, enjoy!

A New Year’s Eve to Remember

17 Dec


How will you ring in the new year?

New year’s eve party planning can be tough. Where to go? What to wear? Will my shoes last all night? Ok maybe that last one was for the ladies but regardless, it’s no small feat to nail down an agenda especially on one of the world’s largest party nights. Never fear, Seattle Revealed is here! Sorry – I do not have an excuse for you to stay at home in your sweats but I do have a few recommendations on where to go if you want to go out in Seattle (or the Eastside). Whether you want to club it up with a few hundred of your closest friends or keep it a bit more intimate, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re into Live Music…

Edgewater Hotel – Local singer Mycle Wastman and his band will be singing the night away at Six Seven, the hotel’s restaurant and bar. My friends and I went last year and it was so much fun we’re going again! (Price: Free)

Hard Rock Cafe – Seattle bands Handful of Luvin’ and The Staxx brothers will be performing live AND there will be food. (Price: $15)

Snoqualmie Casino – Spokane native Tyrone Wells will be performing along with Lissie and Kristen Ward. (Price: $25)

If you want to hit the Clubs….

Contour | 807 1st Avenue | $25-$40

Fremont Studios | 155 N 35th Street | $55+

HG Lodge | 722 E. Pike Street | $20+

O’Asian | 800 5th Avenue | $20

The Parlor | 700 Bellevue Way NE |  $25

Whatever you end up doing, please be safe and have fun!

Holiday gifts ideas: Give memories not stuff

14 Dec

Say "No" to stuff. Give the gift of experience

Holidays should be more meaningful than the amount of STUFF we accumulate. Shouldn’t they? When you’re 5 it’s cute to go to bed at 7pm, wake up before sunrise, rip wrapping paper to shreds. After age 15, not so cute. So why is it, we spend so much time scouring the malls, department stores, specialty shops and websites looking for, yet again, more STUFF?

Don’t get me wrong, I like shiny new toys just as much as the next person. But when I stop and think about my favorite holiday memories, I remember HOW I spent time and not necessarily WHAT I unwrapped. A few years ago I decided that instead of giving stuff, I’d give memories. Mom & Dad: tickets to the Seattle Rep and dinner at the Melting Pot. Little bro: Seahawks tickets and a case of beer. My nephew: tickets to the imax and a fun day (with me) downtown. They wouldn’t necessarily buy these things for themselves, but they loved every minute of it.

If you’re looking for gift ideas that are new and different, try giving the gift of experience. Concerts. Standup Comedy. Theater. Special Movie Screenings. Food & Wine Tours. Pair any one of those ideas with a gift certificate for dinner and you’ve got yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

A few ideas to get you started:

Columbia City Theater | Catch a live jazz show and grab a plate of Southern-style cuisine at the Bourbon Bar (try the Blackened Catfish Po-Boy or Maker’s Mark Burbon pulled pork sandwich, mmmm…..)

The Big Picture Do movies right, with cocktails, snacks and big comfy chairs (check out the “Movie & Martini package)

Licoln Square | Get some laughs in at The Parlor Live and have dinner at one of 10 great sit down restaurants

SavorSeattle tour | Enjoy food, drinks and more on a SavorSeattle tour (they have a Chocolate Indulgence tour, need I say more?)

The Triple Door | Great shows 3-5 times each week and for dinner I suggest the tasty AND filling Phad Thai (you can order dinner and drinks during the show or grab a quick bite at the Musiquarium Lounge before the show starts – either way this is a win)

You can even let them pick the show, these venues have gifts certificates!

Check out GoldStar for other great deals on local shows and events

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