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New Year’s Resolutions

14 Jan

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions…you either love ’em or you hate ’em. It doesn’t seem like such a big task to set a goal and work towards it but millions of us try and fail at it every year. According to an online poll conducted by 43things.com, some of the most popular resolutions are: Lose Weight, Be Happy, Save Money, Fall in Love, and Get a job. These are great and all but with such general goals, I see why it’s so hard to actually resolve the resolution! For example, a goal to lose weight is fine but wouldn’t it be better if you set a specific amount of weight? Same with saving money – how much do you want to save? To prove that this method will indeed help you stick to your resolutions, I shall show you right here on Seattle Revealed! My first goal of the year is to “try new things”. Way too broad right? I’ve decided to narrow it down to trying out local beers. I am not a beer drinker at all but I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m really missing out especially with so many breweries right here in the Northwest. This should be fun…

Starting next week, Ashley and I will be posting about our experiences as we work through each of our New Year’s Resolutions and I guarantee we’ll have a great time doing it. For more tips on how to keep those resolutions, check out this Time Magazine article. Good luck!

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