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Warmest November on Record: Seas the day!

4 Nov

View from Seattle Ferry deck returning from Bainbridge Island

I woke up this morning and thought, “La Nina who?”
While the weather forecasters push us towards early hibernation, the sun and his glorious middle finger have shown up each weekend, even if only to prove a point. So he wasn’t around during the summer… Better late than never, right? And yeah, I’m sure we’ll have a rough La Nina winter but until homegirl shows up – thou shalt not hibernate. Instead, motivate. Put off the errands for another rainy day. Next time you wake up with the sun poking you with that same finger, remember, this could be your last chance to go out and play!

If the sun shows up this weekend, here are 3 great ways to enjoy the weather and the water:

  • Day trip to Bainbridge Island – park under Hwy 99 for free on Sunday, walk onto the ferry for $7 roundtrip, and 30 minutes later you are in another world. Walk a few blocks into “town” and do some wine tasting, look at local crafts, order a snack at the neighborhood pub and chill on the patio. And if you time it just right, you can catch the sunset on the ferry ride back.
  • Picnic at Tillicum Village on Blake Island – yes, another plug for floating across the water. For a few bucks you can take a scenic ride on an Argosy Cruise boat while the native tour guide dressed in traditional clothing drops knowledge about the history of the original Seattlites. If you’ve got some extra money to spend, you can sign up for the Salmon-bake dinner and show. Option 2: BYOB. There are picnic areas and even places to camp out if you’re feeling adventurous (or miss the last boat).
  • Explore Lake Union Park – Dragon boat paddling, sail boat rides, Sunday Ice cream cruise…need I say more?  Oh yes. I will. The first two are FREE. Lake Union Park recently opened after nearly 30 years of planning, land accumulation and fund raising – check it out and see why all of the time and energy was absolutely worth it.

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Reminds me of: India Arie – A Beautiful Day

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