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Holiday gifts ideas: Give memories not stuff

14 Dec

Say "No" to stuff. Give the gift of experience

Holidays should be more meaningful than the amount of STUFF we accumulate. Shouldn’t they? When you’re 5 it’s cute to go to bed at 7pm, wake up before sunrise, rip wrapping paper to shreds. After age 15, not so cute. So why is it, we spend so much time scouring the malls, department stores, specialty shops and websites looking for, yet again, more STUFF?

Don’t get me wrong, I like shiny new toys just as much as the next person. But when I stop and think about my favorite holiday memories, I remember HOW I spent time and not necessarily WHAT I unwrapped. A few years ago I decided that instead of giving stuff, I’d give memories. Mom & Dad: tickets to the Seattle Rep and dinner at the Melting Pot. Little bro: Seahawks tickets and a case of beer. My nephew: tickets to the imax and a fun day (with me) downtown. They wouldn’t necessarily buy these things for themselves, but they loved every minute of it.

If you’re looking for gift ideas that are new and different, try giving the gift of experience. Concerts. Standup Comedy. Theater. Special Movie Screenings. Food & Wine Tours. Pair any one of those ideas with a gift certificate for dinner and you’ve got yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

A few ideas to get you started:

Columbia City Theater | Catch a live jazz show and grab a plate of Southern-style cuisine at the Bourbon Bar (try the Blackened Catfish Po-Boy or Maker’s Mark Burbon pulled pork sandwich, mmmm…..)

The Big Picture Do movies right, with cocktails, snacks and big comfy chairs (check out the “Movie & Martini package)

Licoln Square | Get some laughs in at The Parlor Live and have dinner at one of 10 great sit down restaurants

SavorSeattle tour | Enjoy food, drinks and more on a SavorSeattle tour (they have a Chocolate Indulgence tour, need I say more?)

The Triple Door | Great shows 3-5 times each week and for dinner I suggest the tasty AND filling Phad Thai (you can order dinner and drinks during the show or grab a quick bite at the Musiquarium Lounge before the show starts – either way this is a win)

You can even let them pick the show, these venues have gifts certificates!

Check out GoldStar for other great deals on local shows and events

Love, Lies and Legalism

2 Dec

Last week to catch the Scarlett Letter at the Intiman Theater

Remember the last time you were in love — and it broke your heart? Remember how unreasonable your parents were — until you became one?  Remember the cruel kids who didn’t understand you (and you didn’t understand them) — and it all made sense when you met their mean-spirited parents? This adaptation of The Scarlet Letter is overflowing with universal themes that anyone can relate to, whether or not we’ve worn an “A” on your chest.

I’m not a theater critic. I have no aspirations to be one. But, I know what I like. While I’ve read the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic and watched Demi Moore play Hester in the ’95 movie, Naomi Iizuka takes the storyline deeper. This play spans the childhood of Hester’s daughter Pearl, Pearl’s confusion about a father missing in action, her hatred for the town she was raised in and the disdain for a mother who should have done things differently. With some narration from Pearl as an adult, pieces of the past come together for both the audience and the “narrator” simltaneously.

It was a great way to spend 90 minutes for me and it likely will be for you as well! The last few shows are coming up, so get your tickets asap.  The cozy setting of the Intiman Theater is a treat year round, but especially during the winter season at the Seattle Center. You can even make a day of it with all of the winter activities in or around the Seattle Center. For 25 and under, rush tickets are available day-of for only $10; for everyone else, rush tickets are a steal at only $20!

Be sure to catch this unique adaptation of The Scarlett Letter while it’s still in town.

Rating: Cool, Sexy
Reminds me of: Parents Just Don’t Understand – Fresh Prince
Great for: Rolling solo, date night, culture

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